Mosquito Control
Summers in Wisconsin are short. When your yard becomes infested with Mosquitos you can be driven into your house. If you wish to enjoy your backyard throughout the entire day call to receive your free mosquito control quote and enjoy your backyard again this summer. Our control has the same toxcity as the OFF you spray on yourself and your children. After it is dry it is also safe for all your pets.

Japanese Beetle Control
Japanese beetles can destroy a tree or shrub by eating it's leaves. Beetles love to eat from the following popular Wisconsin foliage, but we have seen them attack a wide variety of plants.
​Japanese Maple, Crab apple, Purple leaf plum, Rose, Mountain Ash, Linden, Birch.


Does your lawn need a little extra fullness. Along with a fertilizer we can top off your lawn with some seed to help it fill in bare spots.

Tree & Shrub fertilization
We offer a deep root fertilization for all your shrubs and trees.  This is a great program to keep all your plants healthy and strong.

Apple Scab & Tree and Shrub Insecticide
We offer insectiside programs for Apple scab which infests your fruit trees (apples, crabapples and other trees).  We also have a seasonal program to keep your shrubs and ornamental trees free from pests. 

​ Spring Clean-up & Dethatching
 Spring is the perfect time to dethatch your lawn....remove the unwanted dead mowing clippings from last year.  Allow us to clean up and prepare you lawn for the upcoming summer.

Servicing SE Wisconsin - Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Lake Mills, Waukesha, Johnson Creek, Whitewater, Palmyra, Eagle, Deerfield, Watertown, Cambridge, Edgerton, Milton, North Prairie, Wales, Dousman, Oconomowoc, Okauchee, Sussex, Waterloo, Sullivan, Heartland, Pewaukee, Wales, Mukwonago, Brookfield...and small towns in between.

Allow your lawn to breath:  As your lawn grows the roots form a thatch under the surface.  The roots become entangled and do not grow as effectively.  Aeration pulls out small plugs from the lawn which opens up the soil.  This allows air, water and nutrients to reach deeper down into the soil.  This also loosens up the soil which allows the roots to spread out and actually grow deeper into the soild for greater water and nutrient absorbtion.

Weed Control
Control the Weeds:  If you have a healthy well fed and watered lawn your lawn will keep out most of the weeds.  However sometimes no matter how thick and lush your lawn is the weeds find a place to grow.  Control your weeds with pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides.  You do not always need to spray the entire lawn for weeds.  Spot spraying reduces the amount of herbicide on your lawn which is better all around for you and your lawn.

Green Links Lawnscaping

specializes in Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control.

We proudly provide exceptional service to Jefferson, Waukesha and Dane Counties in SE Wisconsin. 

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                               Why Fertilize

 Wisconsin lawns thrive with 4-5 lbs of nitrogen per growing season.   For maximum absorption it is best to apply nitrogen evenly throughout the season. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Too heavy of an application of nitrogen could actually be harmful to your lawn or groundwater, but when applied properly at the correct time it will not be harmful to the environment and it will help keep your lawn in peak condition. 

We apply 1 lb of nitrogen per 1000/ sq ft per application, therefore we recommend a 5 application program for most lawns in Wisconsin which allows 4-5 lbs of nitrogen per 1000/sq ft applied at the correct intervals.  Below is an outline of our application schedule, as well as the programs we offer.

Application Schedule

1st application: slow release fertilizer applied in the early spring.  It also includes a pre-emergent control for crab grass.
2nd application: slow release fertilizer applied late spring.  It also includes a full broadleaf weed control spray.  This will be the first application controlling Broadleaf weeds (dandelions, creeping Charlie, thistles...etc).
3rd application: slow release summer fertilizer to help your lawn through summer stress.  It also includes a spot broadleaf weed control spray.
4th application: includes a late summer slow release fertilizer, as well as a broadleaf weed control spray.  This helps your lawn recuperate from summer stress or damage.
5th application: is applied right before the first frost. This application gets deep into the roots which store the nutrients for the winter and gives your lawn a great start in the spring.

Green Links Lawnscaping Programs—explained below: For your no hassle quote.

​5 Application ProgramYou will receive ALL applications and maintain the healthiest of lawns. ******5 apps recommended******
4 Application Program— You will receive the 1st—2nd—4th—5th applications described above.
3 Application Program— You will receive the 2nd—4th —5th applications described above.  
*does not include a crab grass preventer
2 Application Program— You will receive the 2nd—4th applications described above.
​*does not include a crab grass preventer
1 Application— You can choose when we apply.

Snow Removal
We are providing snow blowing and shoveling services to Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, and Lake Mills properties. We are specializing in smaller in-town properties where a truck and plow will just not work. You determine when you want us to come out. We can keep your driveway and sidewalk clean after any accumulation of snow. We can come only after 1" - 2" or 3" of snow. Or you can call us only when you need service. We will accommodate to your needs. Salting is also available.

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Pest Management Control
Insects, disease, rodents and weeds are all pests. They can all do damage to your lawn which can cause your lawn to be less resistant or unsightly. A pesticide, when properly used, can eliminate the pest and help your lawn flourish to be lush and green for the few Wisconsin months of Green we have to enjoy.

EXPLAINED BELOW: Why FertilizeFertilization and Weed Control Programs  * Weed Control * Aeration * Snow Removal * Pest Management Control * Japanese Beetle Control * Mosquito Control * Garden Maintenance* Overseeding * Dethatching * Tree and Shrub Fertilize * Apple Scab/Tree Insecticide * Spring/Fall Clean up * Great Customer Service


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