Common Wisconsin broad leaf weeds

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We fertilize lawns with high quality slow release fertilizer at the proper time with the most effective combination of Nitrogen & Potassium (Phosphorus is prohibited in Wisconsin except for new lawn installations) for the particular time of year.

Fertilizers have a code of 3 numbers  (30-0-4 for example)

  1. The first number is Nitrogen:  Nitrogen is the food for your lawn.  It is recommended that Wisconsin lawns receive 4 to 5 pounds/1000 sq ft per growing season, however nitrogen should only be applied up to 1 lb/1000 sq ft at a time .  Thus for optimal feeding your lawn needs to be fertilized evenly throughout the season, with the products we use, we recommend 5 applications.
  2. The second number is Phosphorus:  Phosphorus is necessary for root and blade growth and winter hardiness.  Fortunately Wisconsin lawns typically have plenty of phosphorus and do not need additional nutrients added.
  3. The third number is Potassium:    Potassium reduces the amount of water loss through the grass blades.  Grass will need less water if it has the correct amount of potassium.


At the proper time during the growing season we will apply weed control.  Below are the weed control applications we will apply if our 5 application program is chosen. 

1.  In early spring (Mar-Apr) we apply a  pre-emergent crab grass control.  This needs to be applied before the soil temp reaches 50 degrees for 3 days in a row.

2. During the 2nd application (May- Jun) we apply a full broad leaf weed control across your entire lawn.


3. The 3rd application (Jun-Aug) we spot spray broad leaf weed control.  

4. The 4 application (Aug - Sept) we apply a full broad leaf weed control across your entire lawn.  This will help control spring weeds from popping up.

5.  The 5th application (Oct - Nov) receives no weed control.  This is a fertilizer only application which helps your lawn survive our Wisconsin Winters and green up quickly the following spring.

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We are proud to live in and contribute to the communities we have served since 2007.  Locally owned and operated, our company is dedicated to 'feeding' our customers' lawns with the highest quality fertilizer and also controlling weeds.  We are proud to have the greenest, lushest lawns in the area. 

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Green Links Lawnscaping, LLC 

is one of the premier SE Wisconsin lawn care companies servicing Jefferson, Waukesha and Dane counties. We only use slow release fertilizers which allow for more even feeding throughout the Wisconsin growing season.  

A slow release fertilizer maintains a healthy lawn which does not necessarily mean more mowing.